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Affordable SEO Services Company

The Soft Logix company offers best affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for small businesses to increase leads and sales 300%.

Affordable SEO Services Company For Small Business

The Soft Logix company offers best affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for small businesses to increase leads and sales 300%. You can get proper digital marketing for your website with low rates that are affordable and competitive in the market. Our SEO strategies will help you to get higher rank in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and compete your competitors with the help of Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Link Building and Marketing Analytics.


If you are a business owner and trying to increase leads and sales with the help of digital marketing, An affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for small businesses  is the best choice to achieve your target goals and increase the quantity and quality of your website traffic through organic search engine results and get higher rank in search engine result pages (SERPs) without advertisement or unpaid traffic.

SEO involves key phrase and keyword optimization for ensuring better performance of your website at Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engine results. High ranking of your website is not only the result but also the cause of increased sales from your business. Thus, web ranking and sales are closely associated through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is why the trend of getting SEO services for your websites has become a popular one with the increasing market competition among a large number of businesses and their web stores.

SEO services help in content marketing for your website by the use of suitable keywords that enhance your website ranking in search engine results. Another important feature of SEO services is link building for your website that connects it with other websites over the internet. All this is aimed at increasing your website visibility. So every business whether big or small needs SEO services that send signals to the search engines and push the website up over the list of results of various search engines.


Small businesses find it very difficult to compete in the market if they do not have a well-established online presence. Optimizing your website according to SEO standards can be a tricky and costly thing, thus not all businesses can afford to get SEO services for their business. The cost can especially be burdening for the owners of small businesses. This problem is solved with the help of SEO services offered by The Soft Logix. The Soft Logix offers SEO services that are not only exceptionally unique but also extremely affordable. The services are aimed at ensuring proper marketing of small business by increasing your web visibility over the internet to let more and more people know about your brand.


Search engine optimization might sound simple, but in reality, it needs extreme professionalism and uniqueness to do the just right marketing of your website. SEO defines the success of your website and hence your business. The Soft LOGIX has a team of professional and highly skilled members who provide the best and the most affordable SEO services to small and big businesses. We at The Soft LOGIX believe in the right kind of marketing to support your online presence and help your business grow over the internet. We help ease the process of SEO with our unique services that are aimed at generating more and more leads to your website. We believe that even small businesses must get a chance at advertising their business to their potential customers.

Affordable Rates

Affordable Rates

The Soft Logix provides its customers with the most affordable SEO packages that are easy on the budget and yet unique. You can get the best services at most reasonable prices with our packages.

Affordable Rates

Easy Keyword Research

The team at The Soft Logix makes keyword research an easy process to find out the most suitable keywords to define your web content. The easy keyword research is important for your website.

Affordable Rates

A Focus on Local

The Soft Logix is the best local SEO provider with its major focus on local SEO services to help lead the small business. Our local SEO services are helping businesses increase their online customers.

Affordable Rates

More Traffic & Leads

Your web marketing is our responsibility through our affordable SEO services. We work by designing your web content to enhance your website ranking and generating more traffic and leads to your website.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an essential part to optimize your website as per the search engines requirements. Below you’ll find the main points to ensure your website does so.

1- Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Google and other search engines prefer secure HTTPS websites that start with https:// over non-secure HTTP websites that start with http:// to ensure the website is secure and creates an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

2- Responsive Design
Responsive website design automatically adjusts the website layout on different devices and resizes itself depending on the type of devices.

3- Website Load Speed
Search Engines and users prefer fast speed websites that load quickly because 47 percent of visitors expect a website should load in 2 seconds and 40 percent of visitors will leave the website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds.

4- Fix Duplicate Content Issues
Duplicate content will decrease the quality of your website and also will confuse the users and search engines to find the perfect information regarding your main products or services.

5- Create an XML sitemap
XML Sitemap is a way to organize your website and identify the URLs and data under each section. Creating an XML Sitemap to arrange all your website structure and submit to Google, Bing and other search engines that help them to crawl your website better and also let you know the suggestions and errors to get improve your website ranking in search engines.

6- Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
Google announced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to enhance the web pages speed on mobile for better mobile user experience. 

7- add structured data markup to your website

Structure data is one of the most helpful for your website to improve the way for search engines to read and represent your page in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

8- Register your site with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

Connect your website with Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and other search engines will help you to track your website position with different keywords in search engines, check and fix errors, site links, mobile usability and more to measure performance, fix all issues and achieve targeted goals.

On-Site/ On-Page SEO:

To master an SEO optimizing the campaign, on-page SEO is an integral step as it helps you improve your ranking on the search engines such as Google and Bing. However, for a layman, the question is what does it actually mean? The entire concept of on-page SEO is to optimize all the pages of your website in order to boost your position on the search engine. It deals with both technicalities such as URL or title, and the context of the website. However, the major role of an on-Page SEO is to optimize the content and the structure of the page.

Now, a major step of the on-page SEO is to smartly place the perfect keyword that rightly explains your page and business. This will simply help your website to own a space on the search results of a website, ultimately making your website appear on the top search results. This entire process plays an integral role in rendering your website an eminent position in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Now there are 13 technical integral steps involved at making your website optimize at a search engine, so let’s take a quick look at a few of them  

SEO Friendly URLs:

URL is the first impression of your website on the customers. A short URL gets a higher rank in the search engine. So a short and to the point URL is called an SEO friendly URL. Refrain from wordy and complicated URL as they can do roof to be a turn off at making your website get a position in the search engine.

Page & Meta Title:

This one is another significant point for a great on-page SEO. When a viewer visits a website he gets the primary understanding of the website through page and Meta title. Therefore, make sure that it is clear, to the point and conveys the whole idea of the website to the users as well as a search engine.

Meta Description:

A Meta description is the first thing the user reads while streaming through the browser. Therefore, make sure you keep it short up to 160 words which are out of the box and quite clear regarding the offering of each page. It is an amazing opportunity for the viewer to visit your website.

Meta Tag:

A Meta tag is a small container that describes the basic theme of the page. However, the highlight is that a Meta tag shows in the page code rather than the page. It is somehow like a blog tag which enables the browser to get an understanding of the page.

Text/Article Length:

Text is considered as the backbone of the SEO optimization; therefore, impressive content with accurate length certainly leaves a greater impact. Numerous pages are struggling to earn a noteworthy rank in search engines; hence high-quality content with appropriate length empowers you to achieve your goal. Though every page has a different text length, the minimum length is 600-700 words.


DWELL time refers to the standard time a user spend on hitting a link on the search engine response page before to get back to the SERP. This is certainly an integral component as the greater time user spends on the page means that your website is able to gas initiate the page in the right manner.


Headings and subheading are a great idea of depicting the essence of the content. Subheadings are a great opportunity to use the keywords, making people pay attention to the website, earn greater ranking and some additional traffic. Besides it also help the reader to quickly go through the entire article without reading every single word.

LSI Keywords:

LSI stands for latent semantic indexing which means that it is a keyword somehow associated with the basic keyword. To cut the long story short, it is the similar words the takes you to the basic keywords. Ultimately they help in getting a clear understanding of the website. Moreover, they also help are getting traffic towards your website.

Outbound Links:

An outbound link or the external links take the reader to another website of the browser. There are numerous reasons to outbound links such as backup source, cross-checking, and highlighting the source. There are two types of outbound links:

  • No follow
  • Do follow


An artificial intelligence system helping Google with its search results is the rank braid. In short, it helps search engine live sort the results so that the user gets a precise answer to its query. It is among the important factors leading to improved optimization of your website.

Image Optimization:

Following a famous site, a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, images tend to play a vital role in making the page simple and catchy; however big heavy files can lessen the speed of the page.  Therefore, a sensible move is to optimize the image by reducing the size of the picture.

Loading Speed:

We agree with the fact that speed is one of the primary components of an on-page SEO. Google pays a huge sum every year to sustain the impeccable speed. Therefore, the high loading speed of your website page can surely help you climb up in terms of ranking. Furthermore, it also adds to customer retention as no one can wait for the long buffering.

Social Sharing Button:

Lastly, another eminent factor helping in better on-page SEO is social sharing button. This magical key helps in increasing the visibility of your content and website. People share and reshare on social media which eventually helps in increasing traffic and potential buyers to your website.

Off-Page SEO:

A range of activities you perform away from your website and is later directed to your website is called an off-page SEO, it helps in:

  • link building which drives you back to the website
  • Social media marketing
  • Social bookmarking

A quality website with off-page SEO has a reference from another website along with social media shares and promotion. This entire procedure plays a vital role in boosting ranking on a search engine, improving traffic and an increase in sales. In short and simple, in off-page SEO you have to bring traffic towards your website.

For instance, writing exceptional content enables you to get a place in the search engine, while the association with numerous famous websites helps in improving that rank. Furthermore, reviews from the reader can create or demolish the reputation of your brand.

Link building is an integral step of off-page SEO and Internet world as well as the search engines judges from the links how effective is content. Therefore, if you are keen to get a good ranking, pay specialized attention towards link building along with social media marketing as word of mouth and going viral can help you get closer to your goal.

Video Backlink:

Video Backlink is a smart method of improving your tanks on the search engines. Today YouTube is amongst the top 3 search engines of the world. However, make sure you use the right keywords, appealing title, and lots of sharing on numerous social media platform to improve the overall ranking.

Photography Backlink:

Catchy ages are like a break of fresh air to break the monotony of reading. Slight humor and knowledge, an image is worth a thousand words. However, many people fail to include photography as part of their Backlink. Images within the website can play a vital role in driving a great number of inbound traffic. Share your images; make it viral with the hyperlinks, and appealing keywords to improve your ranking on search engines.

Talk show/DJ Backlink:

A talk show or DJ Backlinks are an integral technique of off-page SEO. Soundcloud, iTunes, and mix cloud are a few of the noteworthy sites offering talk show or DJ Backlinks. You can post your link with catchy keywords of these sites. People belonging to the relevant field will get to know about your website and consequently leading to improved traffic at your website.

Music Backlink:

If you are a good musician then you need a bank on music Backlinks which are a key source enabling people to trace about your business and music through the relevant Backlink. If you go wisely, you can trigger your ranking on a search engine, reputation and traffic to your website.

Be Talkative Backlinks:

Merely famous content are not sufficient; therefore, inserting comment Backlink of famous cites is an impressive idea for that kick in traffic and increase ranking., is two shining stars helping you get closer to your target.

Community Backlink:

A community Backlink is a mode of optimizing your website through backlinking it in a community ready to exchange links. Reddit is one of the most promising communities Backlink website. All you have to do is start a community by adding links to the official description box.

Be Social Backlinks:

Social backlinking can prove to be one of the chief components of increasing your ranking as well as bringing that extra traffic. Sharing your links on various social media platform empowers users to access your website through hitting the link on social media, and we all do that quite often.

Graphics Backlinks:

Graphic backlinking is yet again the beloved form of backlinking to boost your website ranking. Many people consider appealing graphics as an integral role in Backlink your website. Behance is one of the reliable websites of graphics backlinking to increase traffic on your website. Proper application bags plenty of Backlinks to your website.

Illustration Backlink:

There are various platforms featuring illustration backlinking. Different platforms facilitate in this regard. Submitinfographics is one of the reliable sources in this regard. All you have to do is share yours for a graphic that encapsulated significant niches of the offerings of your website.

Fan Club Backlink:

Fan page Backlink can also help you optimize your website. You can post your link on the fan page of famous websites with a great number of followers. This can play a vital role in improving the ranking of your website on Google. Moreover, make sure that the keywords are appealing and cater to the target market demand.

Content Curation Backlink:

The process of tracking down and bringing together content close to your target audience and well explains your offering. In short, it is adding already published content into yours to get Backlinks. This process adds value to the content ultimately leading to sharing on various platforms and making your content go higher on the search engine.

Academic paper Backlink:

Content is the king; therefore academic paper backlink can help you climb up the ladder of search engines results. In this regards, academic paper citation can play a vital in adding Backlinks to your website with the increasing number of readers.

Distribute Software Backlink:

Impactful software can help you generate some profitable backlinks. Portable,, and are a few reliable sources in this regard. All you have to do is submit your application followed by adding profile backlink.

Contribute to Mankind Backlink:

The famous Wikipedia, wiki how and the full wiki are a few names that focus on contributing to mankind backlinks. These websites have been a great source of information to our mankind and a great backlinking source as well. All it needs is to fix entries and a reference accompanied by the paper.

Scholarship Backlinks:

There is an entire list of websites catering to scholarship Backlinks including the spa college.ed. All you need is to add the school rush page on your website along with letting relevant websites know about it. As a result, they will add it on their websites. However, Google is keeping a close eye on these backlinks for manual actions.

Request a Technical Help Backlink:, site,  and forum. Joomla.Org are some famous cites focusing on request a technical help Backlinks. The process is quite simple; just insert a request relevant to the issue on the website followed by adding your website link as well.

Help a Reporter Backlink:

There are multiple websites focusing on journalists and getting Backlinks in return.,, and media are some of the reliable sources in this regard. The process is quite tranquil, you have to facilitate journalists with their success stories and as a return, they will help you get references and improved ranking.

Become an Author Backlink:

Be a writer on the concerned website, you can pen down articles, blogs along with leaving Backlinks in the content for greater impact. It is one of the eminent sources of backlinking, while websites such as the, read, like, and cult is a great source to become an author back linking.

Acquiring Author Backlink:

The famous freelancing websites rendering work opportunities to millions of people around the world fall under the category of acquiring author Backlink. All you need to do is seek for a quality writer who can write content for you along with adding the link on a well to do a website or a blog to increase viewership.

Outreach Experts’ Backlink:,, and various bloggers website has some quality roger and bloggers in the house for you. All you need to do is visit one of these forums and seek for a writer matching your demand. These guest blogger and writer can write the content for you leading to Backlinks and boost in the ranking of search engine.

Donations Backlinks:, Creative, and are a few reliable sources dealing with donation Backlinks. The process is quite simple you have to make a sizable donation, and in return, you will get a gift with a link, simple!

Host an Event Backlink:

Hosting an event is also a spellbinding plan to get Backlinks. The process is quite easy you have to hot an event accompanied by the content that encircles your link. Famous websites such as event,, and metooo are performing exceedingly well in this field.

Certification and Review Backlinks:

This technique revolves around business websites. Google Business,,, and small can certainly help you generate some profitable Backlinks.

Publish Presentation Backlinks:

As a student we all make presentations and soon they are of no use. However, today numerous websites help us publish our websites so that others can get benefit from it.,, and need no introduction. These websites equip you to add a link with the presentation you publish which can generate some useful Backlinks for you.

Company Overview Backlinks:

The is doing an impressive job for company overview Backlinks. You have to form a public board for your company or offerings. Later you add this link back to the website along with some relevant text about it or you can simply leave that link on the website. Your job is done and it is an exceptional source for an off-page SEO Backlinks to optimize the website.

Question and Answers Backlinks:

Yahoo answer, Quora, and are quite famous websites after helping us find answers to some tricky questions. Besides solving our queries, they also generate Backlinks through a simple process. You have to answer a question (if you know the accurate solution) and leave the link after your answer, and you are done!

Press Release Backlinks:

Numerous press releases go viral on various sites which can help you generate some major Backlinks. The pr news wire is a website performing exceedingly well in this regard.

Publishing Guides Backlinks:

Our next technique is yet again associated with the writers. You have to publish a guide to facilitate reader depending upon your niche. While at the end of the guide you can leave the link for the readers to check out. is one of the great website catering to publishing guides Backlinks.

Start a Project Backlinks: is a perfect website to start a project Backlink. You should create a programming project primarily, followed by leaving the link at the end of reader manual or the link that leads to the reader guide.

Provide a Technical Help Backlinks:

Microsoft answer is an unfailing source for technical help. Now, your role here is to be a part of the community and respond to a technical query of any user accompanied by the link directing to your website. This is another ideal plan to get off-page SEO leading to improvement in the ranking of your website. 


This is a world of progressive development and where money means everything. Starting a business is a tough job and requires huge amounts of money. More and more businesses are now resorting to online marketing strategies for their business and websites. This involves getting SEO services to position their business according to market demands and trends. Finding affordable SEO services for your website requires some research into all the available options of local providers. Reviewing their services provided from the clients they have already served helps you to save your money spent on providers that take your money and provide you with nothing.


Small businesses find it very difficult to compete in the market if they do not have a well-established online presence. Optimizing your website according to SEO standards can be a tricky and costly thing, thus not all businesses can afford to get SEO services for their business. The cost can especially be burdening for the owners of small businesses. This problem is solved with the help of SEO services offered by The Soft Logix. The Soft Logix offers SEO services that are not only exceptionally unique but also extremely affordable. The services are aimed at ensuring proper marketing of small business by increasing your web visibility over the internet to let more and more people know about your brand.



Getting SEO services without burdening the budget is the dream of every business owner. Getting affordable SEO packages is no more a dream now, thanks to The Soft LOGIX. We offer our clients a variety of SEO packages that are affordable and cost-effective. You can choose your required package based on the quality you need and the amount you are willing to pay. Proper SEO is essential for the survival of your website in an increasingly competitive market. This can be done while staying in budget with our affordable SEO packages.

We at The Soft Logix offer our clients with the best SEO prices and affordable SEO packages. Our team understands the importance of keywords and powerful keyword research, link building, web content material, and strong backlinks. All of these combined work for effective optimization of your website to increase its ranking in the search engine results page. Your online visitors are turned into your loyal and regular customers. Your website becomes the first thing anyone looks at while going through search engine results. Thus, for anyone looking to advertise and strengthen their business on the internet with the most affordable SEO packages, The Soft LOGIX is the answer to all questions.

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