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Essential features of an online store

Here's a look at features that help improve the functionality and profitability of your store's website; By studying these, you'll be ready to build and manage your own store.

What are the features of a successful online store?

Here's a look at features that help improve the functionality and profitability of your store's website; By studying these, you'll be ready to build and manage your own store.

A proper and illustrative logo

A clear logo, like a business card, is essential for both small businesses and big brands.In online shopping, the logo is a symbol of trust and reassurance for the company or organization. For famous brands, with just one well-known logo, a website with a series of beautiful photos and videos and a shopping button is enough. Note that don't spend too much time choosing a logo. If you do business in the short term, you can even change your logo and there is no problem. The important thing is, don't just pick a bad logo!

A proper and illustrative logoA proper and illustrative logo

Discounts, gifts, and free shipping

Users usually decide quickly whether they like a website or not. For this reason, a store website should attract customer interest in the very first moments of its login, otherwise, users will choose to have a more interesting front page to buy. Nothing draws the customer's attention as much as the special discount on the front page. Many people buy discounts and discounts without thinking and buy anything even if they don't need it just because it's discounted!

 Some customers are attracted by free shipping and some by gift-giving. So special discounts and sales are usually the first thing shoppers look for on websites. The promise of gifts and discounts will stimulate customers to shop. Therefore, the placement of discount banners and attractive banners on the top of the home page of a store website is recommended.

 Free shipping is also important for a large number of customers. An online store is open to all people, not just a local market, so it has to add shipping costs to its accounts. Many shoppers usually set a minimum price as a shipping cost to avoid unplanned shipping costs, so for shoppers, buying from large retailers or online stores is the same. So free shipping is on the sidelines and adding shipping costs as an account is not a deterrent to buyers. In addition, shopping online can be cheaper than shopping in shops and boutiques even without a discount. That is why the minimum shipping cost is acceptable.

Discounts, gifts, and free shippingDiscounts, gifts, and free shipping

The latest news and most popular products

The best place for news of discount courses or upcoming plans on homepage products. Finding unique products and special prices for buyers should not be too difficult. In addition, regular customers prefer to check out a few new products on the homepage to waste time looking for the latest products on the site's internal pages.

Check out the popular sites below that are well-paying for products and advertising.

The latest news and most popular productsThe latest news and most popular products

Brand of products

Predicting what product the customer is looking for is not always possible, but that does not mean that all products have to be put directly on the homepage. What you can do is put high-end products and interesting offers where they are easily accessible. This trick is very effective for business owners who have a large store with lots of products.

If you have branded and branded products in your store, try putting them home. This trick will attract the attention of customers who do not know exactly what they are looking for! In addition, there are many sellers who offer the opportunity to buy a brand.

At the following in-store websites, customers can find what they need through targeted and effective channels:

Brand of productsBrand of products

Shopping Cart, Login Form and Search Form

In business sites, shopping card features, login form and search form are usually put together. It is almost impossible to imagine a store without a basket. The most popular shopping cart icon is a simple shopping cart. Many stores also have a private account for their customers to check past and current customer orders.

Each customer can have their own username and password. In addition, account holders enjoy special discounts and participate in advertising and sales. You can contact us to order your advanced online store. ProcessBrainNet Company designs and produces your own unique website for you.

In large online stores that have a variety of products, a search form is essential. The search form helps customers who are looking for a particular product to directly find their desired product and place an order.

Shopping Cart, Login Form and Search FormShopping Cart, Login Form and Search Form

Payment Systems Icon

E-commerce websites deal with many buyers from all over the world who each prefer a specific payment system. In addition, certain payment methods may have technical limitations. For this reason, it is better for payment options to be clear to users. For example, some online shopping websites do not accept international credit cards or in some online stores, the billing address and delivery address must be in the same country as the store.

Online stores usually use credit cards, gift vouchers, on-site payments, etc. as their primary payment systems. Icons for these payment methods are usually placed at the bottom of the page or at the top corners of the site. As you can see in the examples below, the payment methods icon should be clearly and simply displayed on the home page of the store.

Payment Systems IconPayment Systems Icon

Social media links

Almost 20 percent of online shopping is said to be after social networking. People tend to look at public opinion before buying. Social media websites like Telegram and Instagram are the best source for getting information about the goods.

In addition, it's the best opportunity for your business to thrive: Online communities help identify the most active and influential customers who are not yet familiar with online store features. Social media is the best way to reach out to customers who only follow them.

Here are some examples of successful social networking links:

Social media linksSocial media links

Online chat and chat numbers

With online shopping, buyers and sellers interact through computer networks. In case of potential problems, buyers prefer to talk to someone. That's why an online store needs a support team. Direct contact or online chat lines are valuable customer service.

If shopping is possible all day long, the store must have a 24-hour support service to answer any potential customer inquiries. In addition, people can be online anywhere, so any purchase - any question - can be done any hour of the day.

Online chat and chat numbersOnline chat and chat numbers

Shop Finder

For online stores that have multiple local or national branches, they must have a store form. Many conservative customers prefer to check the product in real-time, checking the website only to find the nearest store or branch.

Most likely, customers at the top or bottom corners of the site are looking for this option. If the store has a very wide commercial network, such as a chain, it is best to have a special form for searching by country, city, zip code and address. Shop tab Find the following business websites:

Shop FinderShop Finder

 Trust signs

Trust signs are small logos and images that guarantee the safety and security of a reputable organization. These formal licenses attract the trust of customers to share their personal information. Slow. Visitors are more likely to shop if they know their payment process is secure.

It should also be noted that these trusted symbols do not matter to many famous brands. Because of their former reputation, they don't need to test privacy to gain customer trust.

Apart from trust marks, good menus, product detail descriptions, and user reviews are also crucial to achieving online reputation. Remember that trust plays a very important role in the customer's willingness to pay online.

Trust signsTrust signs
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