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How does a site google register and what does it matter?

I will start this article with a great tip, technically you do not need to submit your site to Google. All search engines aim to find you.

I will start this article with a great tip, technically you do not need to submit your site to Google. All search engines aim to find you.

Google says:

You do not need to submit your site to Google. Google is a fully automated search engine that, with software such as spiders and robots, can crawl sites regularly and add them to its database by finding websites. As a result, most search engine results are added manually to Google, but you can find and add sites manually on Google, which you can do with the Google Webmaster tool.

Well according to Google's description it may take a few weeks or months for Google's robots to find your site, I don't guarantee it will be speedy, but it may not be slow.

How to register your site on Google?

You don't need to pay anyone to register your site on Google to get your site registered in the search engines.

Simply go to the URL below and enter them if you want a comment or keywords related to your site, then click the Submit option and enter your URL. This is all you need to register your site.

You only need to register your site on Google once and do this for the highest level of your site - the homepage only.

Google robots will then crawl on your site and gain access to your entire site.

Once you've registered your site on Google, it doesn't need to be duplicated, it's just enough

How to register your site on Google?

How to register the site to other search engines?

According to the latest studies, five of the search engines make up about 4% of web traffic, in other words, if you cover these three search engines you don't need to register a site.

However, most of these sites do not accept the registration process. Just submit your site to other popular search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and MSN.

You need to create a map of your site and submit it to search engines like Google.

What can I do in return for a site registration in 1 or 2 search engines?

There is no need for this, as we mentioned above, search engines can easily find you. If you want to register your site on them, make sure you sign up for sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing and MSN.

Unfortunately, there are still various SEO and site optimization companies that charge a fee for registering a website on Google and Bing; Needless to say, but if you pay to have your business site indexed in the search engines, you are in fact for nothing.

If you receive an email with this tip, mark it as spam.

Search engines index the site and its pages at no cost to direct them to you if they are useful and responsive. Only if you use fraudulent and unethical practices on your site will you be penalized by Google or other search engines and your information will not be indexed; Clicks.

Similarly, for other search engines, you do not need to register your site with multiple search engines.

If you want your website to be displayed when people are searching for specific keywords, you need to do both internal site SEO as well as off-site SEO; and which of your site's keywords will ultimately rank Search engine algorithms are used to evaluate the relevance and credibility of your site.

How do we know if our site is registered in Google or any search engine?

To find out if your website is currently found by search engines, just type in a search engine Site: to see which pages of your website are indexed and indexed by search engines.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization Solutions

Webmaster Tools

Both Google and Bing engines recommend that you set up their webmaster account, which will allow them to communicate with you and resolve any issues and provide recommendations for your website. Some options on both webmaster tool accounts may seem complicated, however, you do not have to worry about doing them. Simple account settings and linking to your site are enough for immediate search results.

Webmaster Tools


Linking to another web page, especially if that web page is regularly updated, will make sure your site is found by the search engines. One link will suffice, though creating a few links will increase your chances of finding you and registering your site in the search engines. The best way to get such a link is to use sharing items like the one below.


Register your domain name on Google

Although you do not need to register for all the search engines, go to the free sites listed and register your site on Google.

You don't need to pay to register your site in search engines.

Submit your site map to search engines.

Submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing.

Creating a link to your site will get registered in the search engines.

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