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What is TF-IDF analysis and what is important in improving SEO

TF-IDF, which stands for Term Frequency -Inverse Document Frequency, means the weight of the keyword's frequency.


TF-IDF, which stands for Term Frequency -Inverse Document Frequency, means the weight of the keyword's frequency. TF-IDF does not merely show the repetition rate of a keyword or phrase on the page, but its purpose is to demonstrate the importance of the keyword by comparing the number of repetitions of the word in the text with the repetition of that word in a larger set of documentation (entire site pages). ) is.

For example, if we compare the word 'portfolio and portfolio' we find that the word 'portfolio' is used much more than 'portfolio', on the basis of the frequency of the repetition of these two terms we can conclude if the phrase ' Repeat portfolio in text is an important word if the threshold for considering the word "portfolio" is much higher!

TF-ID is against plug-ins such as:

TF-ID is against plug-ins such as

TF-IDF is how the logarithmic weight of the keyword is obtained, while extensions such as Yoost and similar extensions provide us with only calculating the non-logarithmic weight of the keyword and focusing solely on it. Is the number of times the keyword is repeated, and according to their settings, whenever the keyword number appears to be an acceptable percentage of the whole text, that text is considered appropriate and targeted, while this is wrong or at least methodical. It is incomplete.

Since many content writers do not consider it as content due to lack of knowledge or time-consuming use of this method, your business will certainly be content with the standard TF-IDF method You will get more and this will have a good impact on the final SEO of your site.

TF-IDF calculation method:

TF-IDF consists of two terms TF meaning normal frequency range and IDF which is called the content inverse frequency. To obtain the TF-IDF coefficient, we need to calculate each of the two terms separately and multiply the resulting two terms to show the weighted keyword result. The formula in the two statements above is as follows:

TF = divides the number of word repetitions by the total number of content words

IDF = is the logarithm of dividing the total number of content by the content containing the target word

(The reason for using the logarithm in this formula is that we intend to do within the entire contents of the normalization site)

TF-IDF calculation method

When should we do TF-IDF analysis?

SEO experts and content developers can use TF-IDF to find chats and holes in their site based on the top 10 results of Google's index. It can also be used to identify new opportunities for new content that rank higher. For marketers, who usually have little time, this helps them figure out what content to go for and focus on it first.

 1. High potential content stuck on the second page of results

Start by finding pages that are on your site but not finding their way to the first page. If your page is technically optimized and well credited, content optimization is a good place to start.

 2. Content has gradually lost its traffic (and rank) over the past year

Whenever a site goes down from top to bottom results are usually due to increased competition for that word or changes to Google's algorithm, which is often content related. By comparing the content of your site with other pages that rank in the results, make sure your website content is relevant and up-to-date so you can rank higher.

 3. A product page that is trying to get higher ranking

Although TF-IDF analysis is specific to ranking for content pages if your product or order page is ranked low on your site be sure to include relevant and relevant content.


Importantly, what we mean by this method and the use of the keyword in all the texts of the website does not mean that the keyword of all articles is the same. Rather, the most appropriate way is to differentiate the keyword of each article. We focus on just one word or phrase that represents a major part of our business and should be TF-IDF of that keyword or phrase throughout the site to be relevant to the user and the keyword. Also Google search engines and crawlers to search for that phrase, not just one page of our site, but the entire site to the user.

Note that the TF-IDF index is only a very small index for an SEO site and you need to use other indexes to get a higher ranking in Google results.

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