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How to run InfluxDB with docker

How to run InfluxDB with docker

client-server model (client-server architecture)

client-server model (client-server architecture)



Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)

Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)

PHP: printf() function

PHP: printf() function

چرا طراحی مهم است؟

چرا طراحی مهم است؟

Why is Responsive Design So Important?

Why is Responsive Design So Important?

آیا طراحی رسپانسیو سایت برای تجارت شما مهم است؟

آیا طراحی رسپانسیو سایت برای تجارت شما مهم است؟

Is responsive web design crucial to your business?

Is responsive web design crucial to your business?

What a Blog Can Do For Your Small Business / viraweb123

What a Blog Can Do For Your Small Business / viraweb123

What a Blog Can Do For Your Small Business

What a Blog Can Do For Your Small Business

PHP Enums

PHP Enums

سئو سایت با طراحی یک استراتژی حرفه‌ای برای تولید محتوا

سئو سایت با طراحی یک استراتژی حرفه‌ای برای تولید محتوا

PHP RabbitMq: Getting Start

PHP RabbitMq: Getting Start

SEO content strategy: How to grow visits by 300% in one year

SEO content strategy: How to grow visits by 300% in one year

سئو سایت به طبیعی ترین روش ممکن

سئو سایت به طبیعی ترین روش ممکن

سئوی بهتر سایت در طراحی / ویراوب123

سئوی بهتر سایت در طراحی / ویراوب123

TinyMCE: Quick start

TinyMCE: Quick start

Does Flexbox Have a Performance Problem?

Does Flexbox Have a Performance Problem?

سلسله مراتب نیازهای فنی seo

سلسله مراتب نیازهای فنی seo

The technical SEO hierarchy of needs

The technical SEO hierarchy of needs

React vs. Angular

React vs. Angular

10 استراتژی برای بازاریابی تجارت آنلاین شما

10 استراتژی برای بازاریابی تجارت آنلاین شما

10 Strategies for Marketing Your Business Online

10 Strategies for Marketing Your Business Online

بازاریابی وبلاگ:چیست و چگونه می توان آن را انجام داد

بازاریابی وبلاگ:چیست و چگونه می توان آن را انجام داد

Blog Marketing: What Is It and How to Do It

Blog Marketing: What Is It and How to Do It

Responsive iframe widget

Responsive iframe widget

10 مزیت و معایب خرید آنلاین

10 مزیت و معایب خرید آنلاین

Top 10 Benefits of Online Shopping (and 10 Disadvantages)

Top 10 Benefits of Online Shopping (and 10 Disadvantages)

5 کار پس از ایجاد وب سایت

5 کار پس از ایجاد وب سایت

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Viraweb123 Features

A huge amount of great features to make your website perfect!

Website -

Responsive Web Design

Give your users the best experience withperfect responsive design on desktops, smartphones and tablets.Learn about Viraweb123 responsiveness now.

SEO Tools

Use SEO tools to deliver a perfectly SEOoptimized website. Use our free SEO tools tobring in traffic to your mobile friendly website.Learn how here!

Sell Online

Create an ecommerce website with Viraweb123 and make sure your business isalways open. Add products quickly and start selling. Make your online store now!

Free Hosting

Take advantage of our free webhosting. Viraweb123'shosting services are on securedservers to ensure excellent security andspeed. Try Viraweb123 today.

Personal Blog

Make a great looking personal blog easily with Viraweb123 blogging platform.Learn how easy it is to get started. 

Free Website Domain

Establish your online identity with a freedomain registration! Viraweb123 offers a freedomain with a purchase of an annualpackage. Show off your site today!

Email Accounts

Manage a mailbox under your own domain name! Viraweb123 offers free email accounts with our advanced, professional, and gold packages. Try it today.

24/7 Website Support

Use our excellent tech support to learn about Viraweb123. Contact us via our 24/7 online chat, our support center, or email us. We are here to help!

Free Image & Icons Library

Use our free images, icons, and videos to fill your website. Viraweb123 gives you a free gallery full of media to make your website look professional.

Multilingual Website

Make multi-language websites in a few clicks. Viraweb123 gives its clients many language tools. Make your website in the languages you want today.

Schedule Booking

Let your clients book their appointments with you using the schedule booking tool. Viraweb123 gives you this tool to suit all your scheduling needs.


Sell tickets for your events online! Customize your events with Viraweb123 with our many event options. Get your audience enjoying your events today!

Restaurant Reservations

Accept table reservations on your website! Viraweb123's reservations tool can confirm reservations and much more! Try out this powerful tool now!

Website Design Tools

Grab the attention of the internet and wow them with fantastic web design! We give you a huge list of tools so you can make beautiful websites.

Logo Tools

Display your business logo on your website with pride! Viraweb123's built-in tools help you ensure that your logo will always look perfect. Try it out!

Custom Form Builder

Make fantastic custom forms on your website with an easy-to-use form builder tool. Create forms on your website and get the data you need today!

Image Galleries

Create a stunning media gallery for your website. Viraweb123 galleries let you add all the media you want to make your website beautiful. Try it now!

One Page / Multi-Page Option

Choose the right type of website for you with our one page/multi-page option. Viraweb123 lets you pick between having a one page or a multi-page website.

Email Marketing

Promote your business with a newsletter package using proven mailing list tools. Market to your customers today with Viraweb123's email marketing tools.

Professional Fonts

Use the best free fonts available and give your website a special sparkle. Browse through our font list and pick the right font for your website!

Social Media Integration

Grow your brand by adding your social network links. Viraweb123 provides advanced social media integration tools to make your website shine online!


Build your music website with great musician tools and spread your music worldwide. The Viraweb123 musician tools offer many features. Try it out!

Share Image

Upload a share image that will appear on social media when your website is shared. Viraweb123 gives you this great way of branding your business!

Cookie Consent Plugin

Let your visitors know you are collecting information by using Viraweb123's cookie consent plugin. Activate the tool and notify your clients today. 

Website Password

Protect websites you want to keep private with password protection. This Viraweb123 tool is a great way to keep your web experience private.

Under Construction Page

Set your website under construction and your visitors will see a "Coming Soon" message when they browse the website. Build the anticipation today!

Dropdown Menus

Sort your web pages with dropdown menu tools for better navigation on your site. Organize your pages and give your visitors the best user experience!

eCommerce -

Manage An Online Store

Manage your online store with Viraweb123, an excellent eCommerce solution that keeps you productive when working. Create your online store business today.

Design Your Store

Design your store and make a fantastic store website. Create your online shop window and make a striking display to engage customers and get them buying.

Ecommerce Currency Selection

Viraweb123 offers 80 different currencies from countries around the world to choose from. Pick what currency you want for your online store and get started!

Offer Product Options

Including product options is a great way to let customers know you have a diversity of options available for them. This can include anything you want!

PayPal Payment Method

Use Paypal to help your customers buy products on your e-commerce website. Connect Paypal to your store with Viraweb123's Paypal integration tool.

Wire Transfer Payments

Viraweb123 lets you add your bank details in the store settings to collect funds from clients who pay offline. Give your clients better payment access today!

Create Coupons

Creating and managing coupons with Viraweb123's software is easy. You can customize them in ways to suit the deals you want. Try out the coupon system today!

Sort Products By Categories

Viraweb123categories act as menus within menus, allowing multiple options to be displayed when mousing over a product option. Sort out your products now!

Conversion Code

Viraweb123's conversion code tool lets you track where leads come from so you can arrange your website and direct the flow of traffic. Try it out today!

Shipping And Tax

Viraweb123makes it easy to ship products to your customers. You can set shipping costs, locations, and pick-up points and find what is profitable today.

Payment Gateway Integration

Viraweb123 provides three great options: Braintree, 2Checkout, and Stripe. All of these credit card processors are industry standards. Choose one today!

Sell Digital Products

Viraweb123 clients can sell digital goods of all types via our online store builder. Join the online marketplace and sell digital products today!

Store Inventory

Viraweb123's store inventory tool allows you to choose whether you wish to manually or automatically track the stock of your products as they are sold. 

Display Related Products

Using related products in your store lets you advertise similar products when a client goes to view or buy a specific product in the preview screen.  

Display Ribbons

Adding a ribbon to your product allows you to highlight a specific feature of that product - This tool will make advertising important products much easier! 

Variants Tool

Making variants for specific products lets the user create different settings for the product, letting them offer a broader selection to your clientele.  

Product Attributes

Setting up product attributes is a fantastic way to show customers the additional characteristics of a product. Adding this gives a lot of utility to your store! 

Bought Together

The “Bought Together” feature is the perfect tool to use if you want to offer discounts on products that are frequently bought together. Setting it up is easy! 


The Brand option lets you identify whether your product belongs to a specific brand name. This can be a great way to earn client trust and increase sales. 

Product Shipping Options

To make shipping easy, Viraweb123 has individual shipping options per product, so every product has the options that match its needs for so you can deliver when it counts. 

Min/Max Order Limit

This tool lets you specify that certain products can only be bought in a specific minimum or maximum quantity. This is useful when selling goods in large volumes. 

Non Taxable Products

Choosing a product to be non-taxable is a useful option you can use when selling products in a no-tax zone or when taxes are otherwise not applicable for a product. 


Using sub-categories allows you to manage the experience your clients have as they search through your products - allowing for precise organization of your goods. 

Products in Multiple Categories

Viraweb123 lets you list your products in as many categories as you want, giving you maximize exposure to any product that fits in multiple categories. 

Show / Hide Products

If you don't want to show off a product, you can always hide it! Hiding a product can be used if product details aren't complete, if it is sold out, if you ran out of it, etc. 

Customizable Ecommerce Homepage

When your viewers see your website's eCommerce homepage, it needs to impress. Viraweb123 's eCommerce homepage tools empower you to choose what products or categories to show off. 

Store Labels

Customizing your store labels is a great way to make your store’s labels look unique.Viraweb123 store labels add a personal touch that fits your eCommerce store. 

Customized Order Form

Viraweb123 's customizable order form is a great way to make your order form look unique and be easy to navigate, making the process easier, faster, and more interesting. 

Product Sku

Viraweb123 lets you assign a unique SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) for your products, so you can easily search, find, and identify any and all products in your store. 

Duplicate Products

Viraweb123's duplicate products tool is a great way to increase your efficiency when adding multiple types of the same product to a store - all you do is duplicate and edit! 

blog -

Blog Templates

Viraweb123 offers excellent blogging templates so users can focus on content. Content makes a blog successful. Choose your blog template and get started today!

Comment System

Viraweb123's comment system is made for users who want to get people talking and have an active community. Try out Viraweb123's blog comment system today!

Auto-Confirm Comments

Viraweb123 lets you set auto-confirmation of comments - this is a huge time saver. This comes at the price of monitoring, so choose what is best for you!

Reply To Comment

Talk with your blog readers and learn about what they think. Viraweb123 's comment reply tool gets you talking with your readers. Start the conversations now!

Schedule Blog Posts

Viraweb123 gives you this great option with the schedule blog posts tool, letting you choose the exact date and time your blog posts will be published! 


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is how you distribute updates about your blog to many people. Let your clients use RSS to easily follow your blog.

Disqus and Facebook comment on blog

Viraweb123 users have the option of using the Facebook and Disqus blog comment systems. These major social platforms are designed to spread your message!

Domains  -

Free SSL Certificate

Make sure your websites are protected from online attack! SSL / HTTPS Encryption is built into every Viraweb123 website, providing cohesive protection.

Get A Free Domain Name

Viraweb123 gives everyone who buys an annual plan a free domain name for 1 year! This is a great value added to your website! Get a free domain now.

Search Domain Availability

Find the perfect domain name for your website. Viraweb123 's very own domain search tool makes finding, confirming, and creating domains easy and convenient.

Connect Domain Name

By connecting your domain to your Viraweb123 website, you can re-imagine your website and create a new look! Set up your website and connect your domain!

Domain Name Management

Viraweb123 's domain name management panel allows you to quickly edit DNS records. Test out the domain system and make your website shine with a domain today!

Domain Redirect

Viraweb123 gives users domain redirect options so several domain names can all forward to one primary domain. Redirect your domain names today!

Domain Privacy Protection

Use free domain privacy protection to protect you! With the domain privacy protection we provide, all your private information is masked to protect you.

Domain Extensions

Pick the right domain extension and get the perfect domain for your business. With Viraweb123, you can claim many different domain TLDs for your use.

Start to be online all over the world with Viraweb123...