How can using artificial intelligence improve the site

Artificial intelligence is machine intelligence! In fact, it is a branch of computer science that aims to provide algorithmic solutions so that we can make intelligent machines with them.

At first:

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is machine intelligence! It is a branch of computer science that aims to provide algorithmic solutions so that we can make intelligent machines with them.

Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing on Website:

 1.Having automated customer interactions:

Most customer interactions today require human interactions such as email, social media chat, phone calls, online chat, etc. However, using artificial intelligence (AI), companies and business owners They can do many of these communications automatically. For example, by analyzing data obtained in previous communications with customers, computers can be programmed to respond accurately to customer needs and to address the issues raised by them... Also, when AI is combined with machine learning topics, the platforms created will be able to communicate with customers more effectively.

 2.Improve personal shopping experiences:

By leveraging the benefits of AI, they will be able to do personalized marketing for customers privately, which in turn enhances customer engagement and helps increase customer loyalty and sales... Another advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) is that it enables business owners to identify patterns in their customers' habits and behaviors and thus provide their customers with more accurate products and services.

 3.Data analysis:

Using data mining and big data processing, business owners can quickly discover meme and customer-related information. This allows them to gain a fresh view of what they didn't know about customers. That can be a great advantage for them.

 4.Real-time collaboration and assistance:

Artificial intelligence is great for businesses that need to engage with large numbers of customers every day. For example, in the transportation, ground, and rail industries, they can use artificial intelligence programs to communicate with customers in real-time, send personalized travel information to them, and provide travelers with relevant information. Real-time shipment aware formations. For example: Specifying where the passengers are currently located or when arriving and departing a particular location.

 5.Forecast the results:

Another advantage of artificial intelligence in business is that using artificial intelligence, one can predict the results of each process based on data analysis. For example, based on the customer data patterns being extracted, one can predict the number of sales, products on sale sometimes, and even the likelihood of a particular product being sold. It can also predict that the demand for a particular product will decrease or increase. Such information can also help companies and business owners invest heavily.

Other applications of artificial intelligence:

 1.Automatic tagging of images:

When you save your images to Google Photos, these images are automatically tagged and categorized. For example, images of a specific person fall into one category and pictures of natural landscapes in another, and just search for a new one and search for it in the photo album. You'll see that all the photos in the person in question will appear.

  2.Convert Speech to Text:

Speech-to-text conversion is one of the most fun machine learning applications used in many mobile applications these days (for example Google Kibor), and we are seeing great accuracy even for Farsi.

 3.Web Page Ranking:

When you search for a query in Google's search engine, the results are sorted by about 4 different ranking criteria, many of which are secret secrets that nobody outside of Google knows about. However, according to the company, the third most important signal among these 100 signals is a deep neural network, RankBrain, built in year 5 at Google Brain Lab.

 4.Automatic response in messaging software:

If you've worked with Google Allo, you will be amazed at the tremendous accuracy of the replies suggested for messages. The system, first used in Gmail software, first checks the message with a simple artificial neural network to determine if it can respond well. If the response of this network is positive, a deep response neural network is generated by the appropriate response.

 5.Describe images:

Describing an image (or a video) in one or more sentences is one of the most interesting and exciting uses of artificial intelligence in machine vision, and helps us build machines that truly understand the objects seen. In a reverse way, textual descriptions can produce a fairly realistic picture. With these interpretations, the idea of producing a film from the script is not unexpected!

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