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One of the common concerns of different business owners is the creation and management of professional quality content site to increase their sales.

What is Site Analytics?

One of the common concerns of different business owners is the creation and management of professional quality content site to increase their sales. Providing information and generating site content is a constant challenge for website owners and nowadays everyone knows that site optimization and content generation should be done using SEO techniques . Before any action is taken to run a campaign or work on a SEO site, site analysis should be performed by experts to provide a report on the current status of the site. A report on a site's current status will be tackled and the deficiencies identified and a plan will be developed to achieve what is intended. 
You can analyze the siteDo it on your site and on your business competitors. This is called competitor observation. Naturally, your most important source of information about your competitors is their site. So whether you want to improve your site's SEO and optimize your content and site, you also need to analyze your competitors' site.


Similar Web is a data mining and competition analytics company that delivers detailed information on various site analytics as well as a comprehensive overview of website marketing strategy.

The software does this using data extracted from 4 main sources:

  • An anonymous web-based panel featuring sample apps, browser plug-ins, and desktop extensions
  • Local and global ISPs and data partnerships
  • Web traffic, measured directly from the training set of selected websites and apps, with the aim of applying specific measurement estimation algorithms.
  • A cluster of web browsers scanning the entire web and app stores


AlexaIt is one of the oldest site analytics tools, but there is also a very good competitive analysis option for brands whose budget is limited. Alexa site rankings primarily follow a typical set of internet traffic and its users are mostly web browsers such as web browsers. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. Mostly the Alexa toolbar includes a pop-up blocker, search box, links to and Alexa's homepage and Alexa ranking of the site the user is visiting. The toolkit also allows the user to rate the site and visit links to relevant and external sites, Alexa does not provide as much detail as a web-based similar, but accurate information on visitor authenticity, traffic-related keywords Naturally provides the site and the top reference sites of the website.


Quantcast is a tool used to understand the behavior of website visitors. Its main purpose is to collect information from the characteristics of the contacts. By placing tags on websites, blogs, videos, and widgets, software measures the interactions with certain types of content, such as the age of the audience and the type of gender, type, and desire.

You should put a tracking code on your website to use Quantcast to generate your data, though you can still use it to access limited information on other websites (most traffic reports)


SEMRush is  another comprehensive site analytics tool that doesn't require much budget. It's a great tool for monitoring the display of competitors' ads and search engine marketing strategies.

The most important reason digital marketers use sampling is to monitor the performance of their websites or their competitors' sites in natural search results. In a few seconds you can enter the website link in the search bar and get the following criteria:

  • Volume of traffic from monetary and natural search
  • Changes in search volume over time last year
  • Keywords for Ranking
  • The main competitors
  • Non-Falun and Falun support links

You don't have to pay for a bookkeeping account, but you only use 5 data points per criterion and you are limited to 5 reports per day in the free company program. If you are looking to pay $ 99.95 a month for a special member, you will get more data. You'll also be able to do up to 30,000 reports per day, get 10,000 results for each report, and manage up to 500 keywords in 5 different projects. To get more competitive analysis data, update yourself with a $ 199 company Guru or a $ 399 Business plan.


MOZ is one of the most popular site analytics tools for monitoring SEO and content and social marketing campaigns . Using what Mukk calls the domain of authority (DA), the maze is defined as: “A website benchmark that a company generates as a predictable criterion to determine normal search engine traffic and ranking. "Authorization domains are based on different link criteria, such as the number of root link domains, the number of backlinks, and the distance between backlinks to websites.

The maze is well known for its SEO analytics campaigns. With it you can focus on ranking your own keywords to know how well your SEO strategies are performing.

Maze is a great tool for monitoring your keyword rankings without delay. Unfortunately, this tool recently lets you track your competitors' search engine rankings. As a result, most maze users have stated that they use sampling and other tools to analyze competitive SEO, but still use maze to optimize their campaigns.

The maze is free for 30 days and then costs $ 99 per month. This app lets you monitor 5 campaigns consisting of 300 keywords, 250,000 web pages, and 15 social accounts. As with other examples, you can pay more if you need more.


Ahrefs as its product development and marketing manager puts it: “We collect, process, store, and then provide a variety of tools that allow the user to use our data in your marketplace.


Many of the other competing tools outlined have focused more on the performance of digital website marketing campaigns. Mixrank works a little differently. This tool provides more information about the company itself than it does about branding efforts, including:

  • A directory of millions of registered businesses worldwide
  • Ads use the categories, keywords, and traffic sources they use
  • Contact information from key business members
  • The technology these businesses use
  • Information about their marketing channels


WHAT RUNS WHERE  Watermark is a newer tool of competitive analysis, but it is best known for monitoring monetization campaigns, especially for obtaining information on competitors' online advertising strategies . Watt Ranswer recently provided data on 90 different marketing networks, including:


Datanyze is a specialized software program that focuses on customer service opportunities. Dale Patel said 34% of his company, KISSMetrics , earns it. However, you can also use DataScan to find out more about your competitors.

What information do you find using DataScan? Here are some examples of features available:

  • Contact information is given the company
  • Estimated income and capital
  • Date of Establishment
  • Industrial class
  • The country in which the domain is located
  • Technology providers that use a particular company

This gives you information about competitor revenue and the amount of money you invest in marketing campaigns. 

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